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  1. All users are expected to behave decently, to respect the laws of the Czech Republic, and possibly also of the countries from which they come.
  2. Any user may not provide incorrect personal information, he/she may not deliberately attack and harm others. Any insult or defamation based on sexual orientation, nationality, race, religion, political affiliation and so on is prohibited.
  3. Nickname must be unique, well pronounceable, begin with a capital letter, composed of the letters of English and Czech alphabets only, single or double worded. Members of other pedophilic community will try to keep their nicks without considerable changes, to identify it is the same person. Administrator may grant an exception. Avatar picture uploaded by a user must be decent and tasteful.
  4. Users comply with all rules and regulations set out in the section Statutes. They respect the guidelines of administrators. If a user does not agree with the admin’s decision or he wants to make changes in one’s own contribution, he/she should contact admin using a personal message (soukromé zprávy).
  5. Since we focus on personality cultivation, we require decent expression. Contributions that include improper or dirty words and spam-like messages will be deleted. Use correct language if you are able to.
  6. You need not to be worry to write about controversial issues and views on our website. On the contrary, we expect them. Forbidden are personal attacks of other users, statements insulting children and the promotion of sexual relations with children. Comment views, not persons.
  7. It is strictly prohibited to send any defective material, mainly child pornography, links to illegal websites or sites containing any kind of child pornography. After repeated such action we are obligated to contact the police and hand over all information on the case. If someone, via chat or private messages, will ask you for child pornography, or offer it, you are obliged to inform the administrator.
  8. Note that all communication including private messages can be monitored. If you do not want administrators or moderators to read your private communications, use a different communication channel.
  9. It is forbidden to search for the identity of others. Protecting the true identity is the supreme law on our community. You can count on absolute reliability and discretion on the part of the leadership. All personal data (IP address, etc.) are perfectly safe.
  10. Pedonia is a selective community and it is not obliged to accept everyone. It is forbidden to slander and attack the leadership and other allied pedo- webpages.

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