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Forbidden or forced sterilizing of paedophiles

Napsal: 30.11.2016 11:59:06
od Neptun

Indonesian doctors risk losing licence if they castrate paedophiles

Doctors in Indonesia who perform chemical castration on convicted paedophiles risk censure by their professional body, the Indonesian Medical Association, and put their licence to practise in jeopardy, an association spokesman told The BMJ.

In the wake of a series of high profile cases involving rape of children, earlier this month the Indonesian government amended the Protection of Children law to impose forced chemical castration as an additional punishment for “anyone who commits violence or threatens violence to force a child—person below 18 years—to have intercourse with him or with another person”. and that causes “serious injury, mental disorder, infectious diseases, the loss or malfunction of the reproductive organs, and/or death of the victim.” The offender can be subjected to chemical castration for up to two years after serving his sentence.

However, the Indonesian Medical Association has sent a statement to all its members warning them that if they were a party to chemical castration they would no longer be allowed membership of the association, a condition for obtaining a licence from the government to practise medicine.

“Chemical castration is almost like torture. It’s against medical ethics and human rights,” said Prijo Sidipratomo, chair of the association’s board of medical ethics. “The effect of castration with hormonal therapy is to reduce libido, but it also has serious side effects, including osteoporosis, weight gain, and weakness. A convicted paedophile who is subjected to chemical castration in prison can also seek treatment to have it reversed once they are released, and their libido will return. Chemical castration is not the answer to people who commit rape.”

Indonesia’s president, Joko Widodo, said in an interview with the BBC on 19 October, “That’s fine if doctors don’t want to use it. We can use military doctors and government doctors to do it. There are lots of people who want to do it—that’s not a problem.”

However, Sidipratomo pointed out that all doctors are bound not only by the Hippocratic oath but also by the rules of their professional body. “We’re the only authority to give recognition to any doctor in the Republic of Indonesia, including those in the military and the police,” he said.

The law has been criticised by Amnesty International, which noted that forced chemical castration violated the international law on prohibition of torture and other cruel, inhumane, or degrading treatment, to which Indonesia is a state party.

Indonesia’s authorities must immediately repeal provisions that allow sex offenders to be punished by forced chemical castration and even the death penalty, Amnesty International said in a statement. “The sexual abuse of children is indescribably horrific. But subjecting offenders to chemical castration or executions is not justice, it is adding one cruelty to another,” said Papang Hidayat, Amnesty International’s researcher on Indonesia, in a statement.

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To summarize: Government of Indonesia, which is mostly islamic republic, higly corrupted and despotic, as I know from nature conservation violation cases, wants to punish sex offenders (herein called erroneously paedophiles) that forced "child" (meaning person younger than 18) to have sex. Although it is stated that it should have included violence resulting in some long term harm, who in Indonesia can be sure that the justice will be obeyed? Because the chemical treatment has many side effects, public medical doctors refused to do it. But the government replied that it will force army doctors to apply this controversial treatment. Such a horrible country!

Re: Forbidden or forced sterilizing of paedophiles

Napsal: 10.1.2017 11:13:40
od Snilko
Indonesia does not see the difference between pedophiles and sex offenders.

Re: Forbidden or forced sterilizing of paedophiles

Napsal: 10.1.2017 11:52:23
od Asce
Snilko píše:Indonesia does not see the difference between pedophiles and sex offenders.

I think most of the world confuse pedophilia and sexual violence. In Indonesia they differ only in that their penalties are on the brink of inhumanity.

Re: Forbidden or forced sterilizing of paedophiles

Napsal: 8.3.2017 21:00:26
od Gabriel Svoboda
Doesn't everyone exaggerate here a bit? Chemical castration means just taking pills or injections. Indeed there are some side effects, I'd prefer not to be chemically castrated, but I know several pedophiles who were taking such pills (some voluntarily, others as a part of sentence by a Czech court after voluntary pedosexual activities) and none of them looks like having undergone cruel, inhumane, or degrading treatment. What's therefore wrong with Indonesian authorities chemically castrating people who have committed forced pedosexual activities?