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Ten commandments for pedophiles

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Ten commandments for pedophiles

Příspěvekod Plyšáček » 1.2.2016 23:01:41

I tried to write simple rules for every pedophile who does not want to risk and harm.
This is intended to those who do not like to read long manual and longer articles full of rules.
This is a trial version of 2015. It may change in the future.


  1. Love yourself, children and adults as beatiful living beings.
  2. Be constantly watchful and remember all your thoughts.
  3. Be aware of the uniqueness and great power of your love for children.
  4. Consider your love for children as a gift and serve the children.
  5. Ask always the right motivation of your actions towards children.
  6. First and foremost watch the interests of the child.
  7. Behave intimately as right father only to your own children.
  8. Otherwise, treat all children as if they were your own.
  9. Forget opinions that children want sex and that it does not harm them.
  10. Be the model for children to follow.


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