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Legal Pedophile's Handbook - Pedophilia

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Specialized topic drawing on information from text occurring on the Internet.
We totally disagree with many attitudes and tutorials.
We gradually publish relevant information and interesting insights for further research and expert discussion.

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Legal Pedophile's Handbook - Pedophilia

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Pedophilia is a sexual orientation within the human species that makes mature adults, both males and females, emotionally and sexually attracted to immature children. In many ways, it is a quite unique and strange orientation.

It is also a quite misunderstood sexual orientation among average people in the average society, while also being the most hated phenomena among the majority, making it a highly sensitive and complicated subject on several levels.

Being a pedophile can therefore become quite confusing, which can make a lot of people frightened about who they are and what they should do about their sexual orientation; especially at the point of realizing that one is exclusively attracted to young children in regards to romance and sex.

Confusion is one thing, but frustration is yet another element of disturbance in an average pedophile's life; the frustration of not being fully able to love someone whom you are fundamentally attracted to, on all possible levels, as a human being with strong needs and lusts that need to be fulfilled.

There's room for us after all; we can acquire constructive functions and roles in the society, and live satisfying lives as pedophiles, even though it is less acceptable and popular among the majority.

Actually, our lives can potentially become way more exciting than the lives of the average human beings, if we allow ourselves to harness and exploit what life really has to offer.

Many pedophiles are curious about the source of pedophilia, which is pretty understandable considering how much this sexual orientation affects us and our lives in various ways.

Unfortunately however, the source of pedophilia is currently a scientific mystery. No scientist is able to tell what causes pedophilia with any certainties; and no current theory can be scientifically proven. Neither can it be measured or detected in any way by using any scientific procedure or instrument. Pedophilia just exists within a minority of the human population, and is just one of many mysteries in the universe.

Pedophilia is also a very difficult subject and phenomena to investigate scientifically because of taboo and subjectivity:
  • Many potential scientists with superb skills do not want to touch this subject nor be associated with it, causing a lot of great minds to be excluded from its research.
  • Many of those who do research it may be considered as subjective, as in affected by the society's general and negative view on pedophilia, causing their work to end up in the favour of the average society.
  • And, all the rest consist mostly of average dullness and jargon that is less interesting to read for those who really want to know what pedophilia really is and really comes from.

Legal Pedophile's Handbook - Theories

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The 3 Main Theories

There are actually just 3 main theories today for the source of pedophilia, which we will now take a closer look at:

The Common Theory

A very common and popular theory for pedophilia has always been 'the effect of sexual abuse'; which means that pedophiles become pedophiles because they've been sexually abused as children, and thus gotten their sexuality screwed up during childhood.

The basis for this theory is the fact that several pedophiles who have been caught by the law for 'sexual child abuse', have claimed that they where abused sexually themselves when they where children; which has created this common link within the scientific study of pedophiles.

But, there are a couple of problems with this theory:

Even though all these interrogation reports can be proven by police and court documents, they are still subjective. There's just a guy or gal who claims that he or she has been molested as a child, which actually is recommended to do by most lawyers in such cases, to obtain a judge's or jury's sympathy, thus get the lowest sentence possible. So, there's an important motive for such claims.

Of course, some of these caught pedophiles may actually have been abused sexually as children. But we still can't escape the fact that most victims of sexual abuse do not turn into pedophiles when they grow up. And, there are lots pedophiles out there who've never been in any sexual contact with any adult as children. So, this isn't really science.

This popular theory does also fit within the average society's idealism pretty well, because it is way more ideal and convenient for the society if human behavior is responsible for pedophilia, instead of mother nature herself.

This theory is anyway being increasingly considered as depreciated within the scientific community, simply because of the latter flaws and the lack of any real scientific evidence.

Cutting Edge Science

The latest and greatest scientific studies of pedophilia have been done in way more scientifically correct ways, with a main focus on human biology, including MR scans of brains.

These studies have shown that genuine pedophiles seem to have a different biological function and/or brain structure from average and non-pedophile humans, in various ways.

Because we're now talking about human biology and the wiring of our brains, we're also talking about genes; which suggest that pedophilia can be related to our genes, and thus be present already at birth. It may be a genetic abnormality inherited from parents or grandparents, or it may be something that happens during the fetal development.

But, this study has its fair share of problems too:

These researchers are usually limited to only studying sentenced pedophiles who have been caught by the law for various child sexual abuse charges. And, many of those who are caught for such, aren't even genuine pedophiles.

They are limited to sentenced pedophiles, because they obviously cannot create an ad in the paper that asks all genuine pedophiles to show up at a research facility to do some volunteer testing.

So, there's a huge amount of hidden pedophiles out there who've not (yet) been caught, and thereby are not known to these researches at all, thus not parts of their research.

Another limitation that further complicates researches like these ones, is that whatever static pattern the scientists find in their researches, there are always some people who don't fit within those patterns; which is the case with these researches particularly, making them less certain and less trustworthy at the end of the day.

Halted Emotional Development

Within human psychology, the very latest theory, but not yet published, is the theory of halted emotional development, also known as the HED theory, which is a theory that seems very credible and makes much sense for both the researches and the genuine pedophiles themselves.

All human beings develop from birth to adulthood, and we develop both mentally and physically as we grow.

This theory for genuine pedophilia suggests that a special part of the brain, a part that controls our sexual and social emotions, has stopped developing within the pedophiles at different stages during their childhood. If it stops developing at a very early stage, a pedophile will feel a sexual attraction to very young children. If it stops at a later stage, a pedophile will feel a sexual attraction to older children.

This special part of the brain can stop developing at any stage for that matter, even at age 21; so a 50 year old will be mostly attracted to young adults instead of similarly aged.

This also affects the pedophile's social behavior, making us more comfortable among children at our preferred age, rather than adults around our own age, which many genuine pedophiles acknowledge.

This halted development may be a part of our genes, a part of our environment, or a part of both.

You may look at it as being emotionally retarded. It doesn't have a nice ring to it. But, it does not affect the pedophile's intelligence. Our intelligence and all other functions develop as normal, so this is not related to general retarding. It's just that our sexual and social emotions don't develop as normal; all according to a theory that hasn't yet been scientifically verified in any way, but is currently under research, and is a very sensible and plausible theory IMHO.

Legal Pedophile's Handbook - Genuine Pedophiles

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Now you see how little we presently and actually know about pedophilia and its origin, and how little we actually know about human psychology and our brains in general.

These are the actual and relevant theories about pedophilia, simplified to a more understandable format from scientific literature. You may want to dig deeper into this subject by using formal education books, if you feel that this subject is interesting; but they're all bloated with lots of scientific jargon that is difficult and boring for an untrained to study, while you won't end up anymore enlightened than you are at this point.

Unless you're planning to study pedophilia as a scientist; the best thing for you to do is to focus your time and energy towards learning how to live with and handle your sexual orientation, rather than chasing a diffuse origin and ghost, in an unfamiliar territory, and concerning yourself about it.

This is probably not the most satisfying answer to this question, but still the most logical advice I can share.

At the end of the day, we are what we are; we are attracted to children, and we'll just have to deal with it.

You may already have noticed that I've several times written genuine pedophiles at the earlier pages. There's a reason for that, and this is important for everyone to learn.

Pedophiles come in two main variants:
Genuine pedophiles
Artificial pedophiles

Genuine Pedophiles

Genuine pedophiles are pedophiles who can be considered as real pedophiles, as they are exclusively interested in immature and unformed children for romantic and sexual relationships. These pedophiles will not feel any true attractions towards mature and formed youths and adults.

Genuine pedophiles will be able to truly fall in love with children, and want to make love to children to complete and fulfill their genuine love for them. They will generally feel an urge to kiss children on their mouths and be emotionally and physically close and intimate with them as much as possible.

Genuine pedophiles will also feel way more safe, comfortable and fit when communicating and socializing with children, contrary to adults. They thus prefer children over adults for social relationships, as well as romance.

As a result of all this, genuine pedophiles are usually very easily liked and very popular among children. They will find it very easy to communicate with children and befriend them, while quickly gaining their love and trust. These pedophiles are usually known to be very skilled when handling children, and spend a lot of time with children in general.

In other words, genuine pedophiles do only want children. They may force themselves to love and make love to adults, but children are the only ones who can give them true friendships, love, romance and sex.

Genuine pedophiles get butterflies in their stomachs when they see beautiful and attractive children.

Legal Pedophile's Handbook - Artificial Pedophiles

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Artificial Pedophiles

Artificial pedophiles are pedophiles who really aren't pedophiles, but they still enjoy having sex with children for various reasons other than true love and romance.

However, they are still considered as pedophiles by most people in the average society, because of their sexual interest in children, and their sexual behavior towards them.

The reasons for their interest in children can be several, but it generally boils down to these four:


We humans get kicks from many different things in life. And, since sexual relationships between adults and children are as forbidden as they are worldwide, both legally and socially, some people get a nice sexual kick from having sex with kids.

Such kicks can become an addiction, which will lead several of these sexual thrill seekers to even younger children, until they one day are having sex with babies and toddlers while their hearts are pounding inside their chests.

Another psychological phenomena among human beings is that regular stuff becomes pretty boring with time. If you do the same things over and over again, like having sex with your colorless and boring wife, it will eventually become pretty dull.

This actually happens a lot with males in their thirties, which leads many of them to infidelity, and eventually infidelity with much younger females; which for some leads quickly to even younger females; and before they know it, they're suddenly crossing that legal age limit for sexual consent. And, when this line is crossed, it can only go one way, and that is down.

Having sex with children is an extreme action in our present average society. And for some people, this extremeness is exactly what they need to get those insane kicks.

They are doing it because of the kicks, not because they feel any real sexual attraction towards children in the first place.


It's quite common for human beings to feel social insecurity, especially sexual insecurity, which can happen with both genders and all mature age groups..

But, some people are affected by severe insecurities of such, causing a lack of both friends and lovers, which finally starts tearing on their mental health because of loneliness.

The reasons behind such insecurities can be many, and can go all the way from mental illnesses to micro penises. But there don't have to be any reasons at all, as you may just be a generally insecure person with a bottom level self-esteem, and you have always been like that.

Regardless of reason, having a bottom level self-esteem will make it quite hard to establish close friendships with adults, especially romantic and sexual relationships.

Children are some wonderful creatures. They are extremely easy to socialize with, they generally don't require any specific properties nor performances from you, and the last thing they care about is your penis size. They will also be the physically and mentally weakest among you, with the least experience, giving you the upper hand with lots of control, especially among young children. And this is a true boost for anyone's confidence and self-esteem.

Children will therefore become the obvious choice for people who want to experience close friendships, but is suffering from severe insecurities. And, close friendships with children can quickly lead to intimate help, play and cuddle. And, any intimacy with children can quickly lead to sexual activities through curiosity and play; all of which while feeling secure and comfortable, which cannot be achieved with most adults.

Children solve such problems easily, which can become a way for a person with a bottom level self-esteem to raise and feel good about himself; as most want friends and lovers.


When an adult partner is not available, especially for a very long while, most people will become increasingly horny with an increasingly longing and desire for sex; but not just sex, also for general physical intimacy with another human being.

This regards both adult males and females, but males are usually the ones who get the strongest desires, the quickest.

Prisons are proofs of this: regardless of being a male or a female prison, many heterosexual inmates turn to each other for volunteer gay sex as a substitute for a lacking ideal partner of the opposite gender. This also happens in other gender monotone environments, like the military.

So, even though you're not a genuine pedophile, a beautiful and cute child will become a nice substitute for an ideal adult parter if you get horny enough and just got to have some sex. Not to mention having some nice hair to smell into, sweet lips to kiss, while feeling a warm and nude body close to yours.

This happens a lot within close family relationships, as in incest, especially when a horny father haven't been intimate with his adult partner for a long while. Or, when old grandpa doesn't get his sexual needs satisfied by his old wife.

When little Jane or Joe then comes close to them, with nice smelling blond hair and a large and pointy red mouth, that kid will suddenly become a very tempting substitute for seduction and sex, and a perfect little sex toy to play with.

Super horny males have even seduced babies on changing mats as sexual surrogates; since those nude and warm little meatballs, with active and wet genitals, really do the trick.


Now we get to the last, but also to the least pleasant reason for artificial pedophilia. It doesn't have to be all that bad of course, but in most of these cases, it doesn't become a pleasurable experience for the children.

While some get a kick out of doing something illegal or pushing norms, other people get a kick out of dominating another human being sexually. This is also known as sadomasochism, or S/M in short, and is a sexual fetish among a minority of people.

Since adults are hard to dominate fully, and pretending to be so will never be the real thing, children are usually perfect for this thing. They can very easily be dominated; and when being dominated hard enough, they will usually start to cry and express fear, giving the dominator an even greater kick.

This can also expand into hard rape and hurtcore, as some people get sexually aroused by hearing someone cry or scream during sexual activities.

And once again, these people aren't genuine pedophiles. They are only having sex with children because it gives them a sexual kick and general pleasure from dominating them.

The Bottom Line

Artificial pedophiles are usually not having sex with kids due to genuine romantic love for children, but rather due to other reasons completely, like some special fetishes or substitutes.

But, some of these pedophiles get caught for their actions, which makes them immediately branded as real pedophiles by the law enforcement and court systems, and by everyone else whom are witnessing such cases.

This is what makes the pedophilia sexual orientation so misunderstood, because of this incorrect branding.

Actually, some of these artificial pedophiles think that they are real pedophiles themselves.

This is an important part of learning what pedophilia really is, because now you see that there's an important separation between pedophilia and actions; having sex with children doesn't automatically mean that you are a pedophile.

Artificial pedophiles are also the people who usually give genuine pedophiles a bad reputation, as their actions towards children are very often based on exploitation of different sorts, as in pure sexual satisfaction only, and sometimes hurtful domination, rather than true love.

Artificial pedophiles aren't any less worthy than genuine pedophiles; we're all here for the exact same reason, which is a sexual interest for children. It's just that our interests for children come from different origins; that's all.

If you think that you fit within the description of genuine pedophiles, you are most likely a pedophile.

If you feel that you fit more within the descriptions of artificial pedophiles, you are most likely a non-pedophile who just allow yourself to enjoy having sex with children.

Legal Pedophile's Handbook - Sexual Orientations

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Now, as we've established genuine pedophiles, we'll look into some additional sexual orientations related to genuine erotic interests for children.

For most people, pedophilia is just pedophilia, a general term for any adult or sexually mature person who have romantic and sexual feelings for underage children.

In reality though, and if we get technically and psychologically correct, pedophilia actually covers only 1 specific age group. There are 2 additional sexual orientations to complete the whole age span of childhood in regards to attractions.

There are 3 sexual orientations within human psychology that cover all sexual attractions to children:


This sexual orientation represents romantic and sexual attractions to very young children, as in babies and toddlers within the age span of 1-3 years, peaking at 1.5 year olds.

This sexual orientation is the rarest among all attractions to children, and is considered within psychology as the minority of the minority, if you like. It's also an orientation that not so many have heard about, as it isn't mentioned all that often.

While not being fully scientifically confirmed, it has been claimed by several professionals that the majority with this sexual orientation are females.

Nepiophilia isn't yet an official term, but is very close to separate itself from standard pedophilia, as its very own and pretty unique sexual orientation.


This is the sexual orientation that most of us are familiar with, and the orientation that represents romantic and sexual attractions to middle aged children within the ages of 4-10, with a peak of interest in 7 year olds.

It seems to contain as many males as it contains females, though females seem to be less visible because of their inferior sexual urge and activity, and their much better sexual control in general.


This sexual orientation represents romantic and sexual attractions to the older children, or adolescents if you want, within the ages of 11-15 years, peaking at 13 year olds.

Since most countries practice a 16 year old age of consent, children older than 15 becomes irrelevant in this regard.

Just as with nepiophilia, this is also a less known orientation, but it does contain a lot of males and females out there.

And of course, it sounds a little bit better than pedophilia.

Additional Orientations

It doesn't stop there however, as there are even more age based sexual orientations that we'll now take a look at:
Super Nepiophilia

Super Nepiophilia

This sexual orientation represents romantic and sexual attractions to extremely young children, under the age of 1.

We are now talking about newborns and infants only.

This sexual orientation is extremely rare, and you have probably never heard of it before. But there's still a decent amount of people out there who represent it, mostly females, which unofficially are called super-nepiophiles.

In the world of child pornography, there's a significant interest for so called baby porn, which fits well within this category.


Most people call all non-pedophiles for heterosexuals. This is actually technically incorrect, which will be further explained later in this chapter.

Everyone who are considered as non-pedophiles, or normal people if you like, as in adult Average Joe and adult Average Jane, having sex in the missionary position with the Holy Bible on their nightstands, are officially labeled as teleiophiles.

Even though this is an orientation that most of you have never heard about, it actually is the sexual orientation that represents the majority of the human species on our planet, with their exclusive attraction to the mature opposite gender.


This may sound like a joke, but it really isn't!

Believe it or not, this sexual orientation represents romantic and sexual attractions to elders, who are really old.

Some people do actually enjoy this, and it proves in a very strange way that our universe does not care too much about rules and norms when we get to the end of the day.

Additional Information

It's not correct to label non-pedophiles as heterosexuals. Thus, you may wonder where heterosexuality and homosexuality fit within all this.

Well, heterosexuality and homosexuality are sexual orientations, but they are exclusively gender preferences. So, these preferences can be applied to all other sexual orientations out there:

A heterosexual male pedophile will therefore be primarily attracted to children girls, while a heterosexual female pedophile will be primary attracted to children boys. Homosexual pedophiles will obviously be the opposite of this.

Bi-sexuality is also a sort of preference, when a person is a heterosexual and homosexual in the same time; in other words, feels just as much attraction to both genders. Though, bi-sexuality isn't exactly what it sounds like, as even bi-sexuals do actually have a primary gender preference.

Pedophiles do have a tendency to be more bi-sexual than teleiophiles, because the gender differences between children girls and children boys are lesser than with adults. This is because children boys have feminine qualities before they reach puberty, especially the younger boys. This also regards children girls with short hair and boyish clothings.

The Bottom Line

This guide is all about helping you understand who you are and where you belong. However, you're not limited to any particular sexual orientation.

These sexual orientations are just primary attraction groups. Nepiophiles may easily have sex with 14 year olds, and hebephiles may just as easily have sex with 2 year olds, or even younger babies.

Children are children; as long as they are undeveloped, they will always be attractive to all people who are genuinely attracted to children, romantically and sexually.

Legal Pedophile's Handbook - Main Challenges

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After having gone through the more technical part of being a genuine pedophile, we are now moving over to a more darker part of the handbook, which will from now on cover important subjects for those who are struggling with their orientations.

By being genuine pedophiles, most of us are bound to meet various challenges in our lives. These challenges can affect our lives in fundamental ways, because they are obstacles in living a happy and satisfying life among the majority of people.

Of course, this varies a lot from person to person, as all pedophiles will meet different challenges depending on our life situations and own abilities to handle challenges.

Some pedophiles however, meet some very huge challenges that send them right down and into a dark hole of confusion, frustration and depression. And such a dark hole may with time lead to self-despise and even suicidal thoughts.

This chapter will try helping you handling and overcoming the most common challenges that average genuine pedophiles meet during life, so you can more easily navigate yourself through all the obstacles that pedophilia puts in our way.

There are no cures of miracle around. But there are ways to handle the most common challenges we meet. And, by just turning your focus towards this, as in trying to understand and handle your challenges instead of letting them take control over your life, can make a huge difference in regards to your wellbeing.

Main Challenges

Let's take a look at the 4 major challenges that most genuine pedophiles meet, with each of their own set of obstacles:

Mental Struggle
Romance and Sex
Social Relationships
Human Support

Mental Struggle

Genuine pedophiles rank high on suicidal statistics, especially nepiophiles and pedophiles who are exclusively attracted to young children, and find sexual intimacy with adults repulsive.

The reason for this is very simple: most of us are in a loose-loose situation. Whatever we do, we loose. If we don't practice sex with children and stay legal, we end up frustrated because we can never satisfy our basic human needs for romance and sex. If we do practice sex with children, we will end up in a constant fear of getting caught. And there are even more things to worry about either we don't or we do put our sexual orientation into real life practice.

It's thus very understandable that a genuine pedophile may one day ask himself if this is the life that he really wants to live all the way through. And, suddenly he finds himself very close to suicidal thoughts, which is a very sad and bad thing.

If you're struggling mentally because of pedophilia, and this goes on over a long time, depression is almost inevitable. And, depression is one of the most self-destructive illnesses that exist in the human species; it's like a deep well that is so easy to fall into, but so difficult to get out of.

So how do you deal with this?

For starters, if you're currently considering suicide because you're a pedophile, please stop doing that! And stop at once! Because if you die, so much beauty and importance will be wasted; the beauty and importance of you as a person and the beauty and importance of you as a genuine pedophile, who're capable of loving children as only pedophiles can do.

Human life is precious and unique, human consciousness and awareness are precious and unique, and children are especially precious and unique. And, there are so many possibilities and options out there that only wait for you to grab them and exploit them. There are so many children out there who are in dire need of adult friendships and love...

If you die, there are so much things that will be just wasted, so much that I can't even explain it. So please stop at once considering leaving us!

This handbook, as a whole, will help you in general dealing with your sexual orientation and give you many options to choose from. Instead of having just one endless and dusty road ahead of you that seems to lead nowhere, this handbook will try giving you a large interstate with many different roads and intersections to choose among, which will give you many different and exciting places to visit. It will try giving you new goals in life, and help you stay secure and comfortable on your way to achieving those new goals.

We will now continue going through this chapter, which will help you overcome those basic challenges that most genuine pedophiles meet everyday, and start climbing out of that deep well; as of right now!

Legal Pedophile's Handbook - Main Challenges

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Romance and Sex

One of those enormous challenges we meet everyday, is to accept a faith of never being able to fully experience romance and sex with a child, without having to break one of the biggest social taboos and forbidden laws on earth, and risk loosing everything that is important to us in life, which includes our families, friends, careers and freedom. And such a reality is very hard to swallow.

The first thing we will do to tackle this problem, is to take on our scientific goggles and take a good look at the root of this problem, and learn where it originates from and why it is here and affecting our lives as much as it does.

Romance and sex is an important feature within the human species that has its roots deeply planted into the human biology and evolution. The average human being has a continuous desire to practice romance and sex with sexually attractive partners. This makes a lot of babies, and that makes mother nature happy.

If you do what mother nature says, you will be rewarded with great pleasure as it happens, and a nice feeling of calm and relief for a certain while afterwards. These rewards are actually chemical drugs being produced and released from within your very own brain. However, If you don't do what mother nature says, you will be punished with frustration and depression until you do. And no drugs on you...

This is the evolution at its best and its worst, and how our brains are wired to spread our genes and make as many babies as possible during our lifespan.

Our problem, as genuine pedophiles, is that mother nature doesn't care about what we are attracted to. Whether it is cross gender adults, children, babies, or even donkeys, she still demands us to fully practice our erotic desires.

And this explains our unfulfilled wishes and needs, which is a part of our very own genes and nature, making it very frustrating being a genuine pedophile. It is in our very genes and nature to practice romance and sex with children, but we are being held back by social norms and formal laws.

This is our reality, and this is what we're dealing with. So, let's take a look at some basic solutions to this challenge:

General Solutions

It is very important that you first of all note that it is fully possible to live a very rewarding and satisfying life without practicing sex with real children, while still getting lots of joy out of children and life itself as a genuine pedophile.

It is all about adapting to a different set of thinking and practice, by exploiting some neat tricks to give you better and more rewarding sexual releases, so you can much better please mother nature and her demands. By using your creativity, and thinking outside the box, you can actually find some legal treasures of pleasures out there; all of which we'll take a closer look at below.

Legal Pedophile's Handbook - Main Challenges

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od Plyšáček

Masturbation is healthy and it releases a lot of those frustrations from not having a child to make love to. It really is your number one tool to handle sexual frustrations as a genuine pedophile.

Masturbation becomes especially important if you have children and temptations all around you.

The most important thing about masturbation is to make sure that each one gets as intense as possible. This means avoiding quick and dry masturbations, like those one take in a shower in a cold and lifeless bathroom, as those really suck and won't help any frustrations nor depressions much.

More intense masturbations are achieved by using masturbation techniques that will give you longer pleasures and stronger orgasms than usual.

A great technique that I've recommended lots of times, is to pull your foreskin all the way back, and then start rubbing the area right underneath your penis head gently, with some lubricants. This area is actually a special erogenous zone on the male penis that allows you to achieve such longer masturbations and harder orgasms. Optionally, use a smooth tool or toy instead of your fingers to gently rub this area.

To make the orgasms even greater; each time you feel that you're about to ejaculate, stop the rubbing and wait until the penis gets less potent. Then start all over again, and repeat this as much as you can, until your penis finally explodes.

You may also use other techniques to prolong your masturbation sessions, like using a feather or a piece of clothing to tickle your penis head over a longer period, until it finally explodes into a strong orgasm.

The more you prolong your masturbation sessions, the greater the orgasms and rewards become. And, if you do that a lot, you will actually fool mother nature to believe that you live a very sexually satisfying life, thus you will gradually feel less sexually frustrated and depressed with time.

However, just expansing your physical masturbation isn't enough to really make your pedophilic sex life greater. You will also need to expand it mentally.

This means expanding your fantasies as well, which is usually achieved by great visual stimulations.

Many genuine pedophiles use child pornography to stimulate their fantasies, which it does in many ways. But legal no-nude media of children can actually stimulate your fantasy even better than pure and simple pornography. It exists of a much greater quantity and quality on the Internet as well, which can make you feel much safer and better about yourself, especially if you're a concerned or conservative pedophile.

It can also be pictures of your own children, children within your family, your neighbors children, children from the daycare facility or school you may work at, or pictures that you've taken by yourself outdoors.

You may then pretend through fantasy, while using the latter masturbation technique, that the child you are watching is licking and sucking on your penis, or exploring it in a flimsy way with its small hands. Concentrate on the children, by looking deeply into their eyes, while fantasizing like this.

Such great visual stimuli combined with deep fantasies, while masturbating in the recommended ways, will together give your whole body lots of great pleasures, along with a very satisfying and happy sex life as a masturbating pedophile.

Don't forget that there are lots of cool sex toys out there that can mimic mouths and tight holes, which of course are legal to buy and will help your fantasies become even more real.

Reversed state techniques are also interesting, meaning that you pretend to be the child you are watching. You may use sex toys to stimulate or penetrate yourself, and pretend that you can feel the same nice feelings as the child does if you have had sex with her or him. You can even pretend being molested. I know, it may sound strange, but many pedophiles get a positive psychological response from doing that, with some very interesting and controversial pleasures.

And for God's sake no; you are not a looser or anything like that for doing stuff like this. Even the most active pedophiles out there who have regular sex with kids, are also using these techniques to add something positive to their lives.

Legal Pedophile's Handbook - Main Challenges

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Children Dolls

You never get too old to play with dolls. Just as with children and their dolls, the possibilities and fantasies are endless.

Children dolls can be really good substitutes for real children, and are usually very underestimated play toys for pedophiles. Most people have given positive feedback.

Dolls are even really good additions for those who already practice child love with real children. This is because little dollies can become very realistic, while always being ready and willing to be your slaves when your kids aren't around.

The most real and cute dolls will really fool your brain into believing that they are real children, making the sexual pleasure, excitement, release and final reward extremely close to as if they actually had been real children.

The more engagement and money you put into this, the closer you will get to real high-level child love practice, without braking one single law.

Dolls can be bought at most toy stores, but these are usually less realistic and very small. But if you look thoroughly around, especially worldwide via Internet, you can find some interesting dolls here and there.

Special doll manufacturers and artists create more realistic children dolls, more like true children replicas with glass eyes and real children hair. The quality and realism of these dolls are usually linked to their prices, which goes all the way from $1000 to $10000, and some even higher. But an expensive children doll can become extremely nice to cuddle with, and can feel like a real child of yours, whom never grows up.

Of course, if you are really low on budget, you could always pad children clothes with soft padding, so you get the appropriate basic shape and a mass that emulates a real child. Then make a hole at the right places, optionally inserted with sex toys, and interesting things can happen.

Why not give your new doll its own room, with its own bed, which you can visit at nights? Why not buy them sweet clothes, do their hair, and paint their nails?

If you're able to, you can secretly create some seriously aesthetic and sexual environments with dolls. Like, having a secret room with a large collection of dolls, using special lighting, and audio of children laughter and songs. It has a powerful mixture of creepiness and erotics. That is hard to explain to anyone who haven't yet experienced it firsthand, which can become a little pedo heaven, so to speak.

Used Kiddie Underwear

One pedophile found a used pantie from his 4 year old niece in his sisters laundry basket. He smelled the hottest smell in his life from that yellowish area in that dirty pink Barbie pantie. He immediately began to masturbate, and came harder than ever before. He thought about the sweet child, and could even hear her play outside the bathroom door, while he did it. And, it was heaven.

If you have kids in your family, or among friends and neighbors, he really recommend trying to find these marvels. They can actually become pretty exciting to search for.

Smelling vaginas and bums from many different children, through their used and dirty panties, while masturbating yourself and thinking about them, or looking at their pictures, is nothing less than incredibly hot.

Be careful about stealing too many panties though, because if used kiddie panties disappear from people's houses after you have visited them, it won't look good.

Legal Pedophile's Handbook - Main Challenges

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Social Relationships

Another enormous challenge is to feel like an outsider in our society, especially among family, friends and colleagues. Since most people are teleiophiles who live and thrive in adult relationships, and glorify such relationships, you can never be yourself fully when socializing with the wast majority.

This may initially sound like a trivial problem, but it really isn't. It's really hard being fundamentally different from all the people who surround your life, making you feel like an alien; which may cause something that's called 'paradoxical loneliness' within psychology, meaning that you feel lonely even though having several people close in your life.

It can become especially hard being a male among other male friends, as male friends very often talk about adult women in a romantic and sexual context when meeting up together. This will make you feel even more as an outsider, not to mention even less comfortable.

Many genuine pedophiles are also living non-traditional lives. They simply don't appreciate intimate and romantic relationships with any adults, so they end up as permanent singles, which usually raises some attention among others; and usually leads to some kind of pressure from family and friends as you grow older, a pressure to find yourself an adult partner and start raising a family like everyone else does.

If you now add an above-usual interest for children, and being very active with kids in general, while having no wife nor kids of your own, the oddness can quickly increase dangerously towards negative suspicions.

Of course, this problem will depend a lot on where you live, as social oddness will be much more visible in a small Christian town of fearful residents, contrary to a large city that's already occupied by lots of people and oddities to blend with.

Nevertheless, this problem is still hard to escape fully, wherever you live and whoever you are. So once again, lets start tackling this problem by taking on our scientific goggles:

The human brain is hardwired to detect even the slightest abnormality in social groups. This is an primeval evolutionary advantage, as it lets us easily and quickly notice different and thus potentially dangerous people in our social group. So, if anyone sticks out from the wast majority, even just slightly, he or she will thus be clearly noticed by the rest of the group.

Our brains are also hardwired to prefer people who are fundamentally similar to ourselves, and reject everyone else who aren't. This leads to a natural gathering of people with similar interests and traits, which also means a social exclusion of people who're different from that gathering.

This is a part of our biology and evolution as humans, and why most genuine pedophiles feel like outsiders and excluded from most social groups, as a result of drawing negative attention to themselves by not living their lives as everyone else does.

Being an outsider can quickly lead to social withdrawal, which again can quickly lead to loneliness and depression; and there you have that dark hole and deep well again.

Legal Pedophile's Handbook - Main Challenges

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Emulating Teleiophilia

Even though it can become mentally stressful to pretend being someone whom you fundamentally aren't, sometimes this can be a better solution than being an apparent oddity in your local society who attracts negative attention to himself.

This is fully possible and doable by just following a few and simple advices, which should be tried if yet haven't.

It usually makes you fit much better within the standards of your local society and its expected social norms, and makes your way more comfortable among other people, while other people will feel more comfortable among you as well.

It is all about being aware of this being just a masquerade, and not being the reality. It is all about fooling your local social group and gaining control over yourself and others. Thus, it is not about trying to forget nor erase who you really are.

I will start with the easiest and most convenient methods to change how people interpret you and your life, by using basic human psychology and sociology. From there I will move towards the more advanced and challenging methods, but also the most reliable.

Adult Porn

A great start to make yourself fit better within the average society as a genuine pedophile, is to buy some adult porn, and then do a bad job at hiding it in your own quarters. This will make other people easily see that you're obviously sexually interested in the adult opposite gender, which will become a very good basis for your social masquerade.

This is especially effective for males who have other male friends over for regular visits. But, you may startle your parents a little bit too, whom will pretend that they don't like it, but in reality feel a huge relief inside themselves when you pretty much confirm that you're not a sexual deviant after all.

The importing thing however, is not to overdo this. Don't fill your quarters full of porn magazines and movies, as in pushing it onto your visitors. They may then think that there's something wrong with you, or even think that it's all staged.

You may of course build a large collection to make this more reliable, but hide it until someone asks to see it. Just have a couple of magazines or DVDs laying around, like you accidentally forgot to hide them after you last used them.

Of course, hard porn is sleazy. If you are a sophisticated person with high social status among sophisticated friends, you may want to use soft porn instead.

You may also want to visit some adult porn sites on your computer as well, or even on your smartphone, and don't delete the usage history. But doing so at work may cause problems, so be careful about this.

This isn't just a great start to convince other people that you're a teleiophile, it's also ridiculously easy. It does cost money of course, but it's well worth the price you pay for it.


This is a great method to use when you are out with your friends, like in a city in the summer, or at a bar or a party.

It is really simple: just make a hit on a few females now and then, while acting less attractive yourself. This will make you seem interested in females, in the same time as rejections become an almost certainty.

This will additionally increase your respect and popularity, and general social status, especially among male friends.

It initially requires a lot of bravery for teleiophiles to flirt with strangers, because of the fear of being rejected. But, since you actually aim for rejections, and know that this is just a charade, it actually becomes much easier than you think.

Just make sure that you don't act too much like a dirt bag, or else you may obtain a negative reputation in that area.

The whole idea is to make a terrible first impression with a creepy pickup line while your friends observe you from a certain distance, being not able to hear you.

Personally, it is good starting the introduction by asking her if she's single, because it's usually a bad idea to firth with taken females in drinking environments. Such a pickup line might just as well be enough to make her turn away regardless.

But if she doesn't, the next favorite question is to ask her if she likes to drink much. If she asks why you're wondering about that, tell her that you've been watching her from a distance and think that she drinks a little bit too much, and suggest that she reduces her alcohol intake some. If you're in a non-alcohol environment, you may instead tell her that when watching her from a distance, she looks a little bit unsteady and influenced by alcohol. If she smokes, tell her to quit, and tell her that it's really stupid to destroy herself by smoking. And never smile while doing all this, be dead serious! This is a really effective method to be turned down by females, as it will be both rude and creepy.

When you get back to your friends; well, at least you tried! They will most likely cheer you and give you lots of respect.

Legal Pedophile's Handbook - Main Challenges

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Adult Dating

A more complicated method of emulating teleiophilia, but also an extremely effective and convincing one, is to show an obvious interest in dating the adult opposite gender.

Your first option is to not date anyone at all, but instead lie to your family and friends about having dated this and that, but just say it didn't work out. Optionally, make up some funny stories about weird dates. And then keep on doing this into the unseeing future.

Lying about it is really the easiest and most convenient way. But, if you one day get caught for lying about something like that, or even suspected for doing it, people will ask themselves: ehm why does he lie about something like this? And, most fairly intelligent people will quickly draw the conclusion that you're pretending to be someone you aren't, and that means pretending to be a teleiophile.

Unless you know for sure that you are a really good lier and manipulator, I always recommend not lying about this.

Your second option is to actually go through with the dating to make it all look more reliable, but carefully sabotage the date so the date will quickly loose interest and want to leave.

Sabotaging a date can be done in various ways, but the best way is to be very redrawn and quiet. This won't demand anything from you, all you have to do is to just let her do all the talking, and give very short and enclosing answers to all her questions. When she doesn't talk, just concentrate on your diner and be as quiet as possible. The few times you do choose to talk, just talk about boring things, like the weather.

If the silence approach isn't your thing, another way to sabotage a date is to be a very self-centered person who only enjoy talking about himself, and shows an obvious less interest for the date and her life. When she talks about herself, interrupt her and start talking about yourself instead.

Being a dirt bag is also an option, but this can quickly give you a bad reputation, and even reveal that you're actually sabotaging. This can become quite embarrassing as well.

There is however the danger of meeting a female whom actually likes quiet, self-centered or unpleasant guys, but these are the very minority of females.

The majority of your dates won't be seen nor heard from again. And you just don't know what went wrong, complaining to your friends that you'll never find yourself a nice women, crying on your moms shoulder, and so forth.

You don't have to date all that many women either, just one person every second or third month.

Adult Relationships

If you want to go all the way with emulating teleiophilia, there's only one thing to do, and that is to find yourself an adult partner of the opposite gender, and try making a life together.

This can sound like a really scary concept for a genuine pedophile, but it doesn't have to be all that frighting nor unpleasant after all, as it mostly depend on the actual adult.

If you're young and hot, slim and strong, and with nice thick movie star hair on your head, you should be able to easily capture a quite young and sweet looking woman, with a sweet and humble personality.

However, if you're more like me, middle aged, with thin hair and averagely looking, it can be difficult finding young and sweet females. Unless of course, they got some baggage that other males aren't interested in. Such baggage can be unpleasant in the end, like mental illnesses, personal problems, or just a very unpleasant personality. But it can also be a bunch of kids...

Blending In

Try spending as much time with adults as you do with kids. When using little to no time with adults, and lots of time with children, negative attention and suspicions might occur.

Try participating now and then at adult social gatherings and parties, even though if you don't prefer it. Look at it as an unpleasant job that you just have to do now and then.

Blend in with the majority as much as you can and can stand.

Remind yourself that this isn't you, this is an act, this is a masquerade, and that you are in control of your life, and that you control others; all of which can make you feel good.

Most importantly: the more you blend into social groups, the more trust you will gain from most people in those groups, and the easier access to their children you will get.

Social relationships, and how they will affect you as a genuine pedophile, will depend on your own social status and needs.

If you're a very good looking person with a high social status, with lots of similar friends, tricks like these will become very important to perform regularly. Such environments have high standards and expectations to all the participants.

If you're not that good looking, if you don't have much of friends, and especially if you don't have high social needs, you will get away with far less struggle and masquerade.

If you don't have anything against being a loner, especially if you prefer that, it could be wise to either live in the middle of a big city with lots of non-caring people all around you, or live at a very remote place with very few around.

Legal Pedophile's Handbook - Main Challenges

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Human Support

Friendship and support is especially important to pedophiles. Unfortunately, most pedophiles can't turn to their real life family or friends with their problems, because so many people think that all pedophiles are bad people who rape children, as pedophilia is still a highly misunderstood subject in the average society. So, telling people that you're a pedophile is a huge risk to take, which is why most people don't do that.

However, thanks to anonymous Internet services like Tor, pedophiles are nowadays able to seek friends and support, which is very important whether you're having personal problems or not. It's important to be able to express what you feel in these communities, and get responses from other people who feel exactly like you feel.

Revealing Yourself

However strange it may sound to a genuine pedophile, who does everything he can to hide and lock away his unpopular sexual orientation from the rest of the world, there are actually pedophiles out there who are considering unveiling their orientation to their closest family or friends.

Most pedophiles who are considering this, do it because they just have to get it out of their chests and off their shoulders. They are in dire need of having someone hugging them and supporting them, because they can't handle their sexual orientation by themselves anymore. They just want a real life friend to support them, which no Internet community can do.

Other pedophiles consider doing it because they feel a need to be open about it. They want to stand proudly by their different sexual orientation and prove that being a pedophile doesn't have to mean that you're a predator or monster. They want people to associate pedophilia with a kind and ordinary person, like themselves. They want to change the world.

There's just one big problem with telling another person that you're a genuine pedophile, and that is not knowing how that person will react to it. You may get a warm hug and a special friend for the rest of your life, but you may also get a slap over your face and end up indefinitely excluded from your family or friends. It's almost like playing Russian Roulette with your own character and social life.

If you are doing it out of pure need for sympathy, and that only, still don't do it. You will only feel relived for a short while, but from that point everything will change. People will most likely never look at you in the same way again. You may gradually loose friendships and closeness to other people over time, even though they handled it well at the time of being told about it. Rarely anything good comes out of it in the end, except for those 10 minutes of relief, which afterwards may put you in an even worse situation, forever.

And, there are no guarantees that this information won't leak, and leak into your local community, neighbors, school or work, and so forth. And before you know it, you'll get graffiti art on your house and car.

You should think very wisely about this; pedophilia has way too negative roots planted way too deep into the soil of our society and culture. Most people are simply not ready to hear that someone they love is a pedophile whom craves sexually for innocent children; it's simply a little bit too much for most.

Maybe this can be more safely done sometime in the future, if our society and culture becomes intelligent enough to handle this subject intellectually and sensible. As for present time, this is not the era to be open about pedophilia.

Even though people love you and you love them back, and you trust them with your life, the word 'pedophile' is so misunderstood and so hated that it's almost worse than the word 'serial killer'.

Try to think rationally about this, and make a decision that in the end is the best one for everyone.

The Bottom Line

When it comes to challenges related to genuine pedophilia, it is crucial to shift your focus from negative to positive, thus focus on what's possible, rather than what's impossible. It is crucial to focus on how to get pass any obstacles in your way, rather than just focusing on the obstacles themselves. It is crucial to focus on the children whom you love, and all the joys and pleasures they can provide you, instead of sitting there all alone and depressed.

The world isn't a perfect place, and it really is unfair. Some people are born into perfectness and happiness with few to none obstacles in life, while others are born into misery and sorrow where every day is a struggle to survive.

There are hundreds of thousands of other pedophiles worldwide who feel exactly like you do, if not millions. You're not alone.

There are additional people out there who suffer from other problems as well, being even worse than pedophilia. There are people put there who have severe mental illnesses, who are paralyzed from their necks and down, and can't move around at all. Some people are suffering slow and painful deaths due to mortal illnesses. Some people have lost their whole families and children in tragic accidents.

If you can wake up in the morning as an otherwise well and active person, get up on your own feet, see the sun and hear the birds and the wind, feel sand and water between your toes, experience the beauty, innocence and laughter from children, you have so many reasons to be happy. There are so many opportunities and possibilities in front of you. You have so many reasons to live your life.

Sexual urge is one of the three basic and strongest instincts within all human beings, along with hunger and security. These three instincts are so strong that they can alter our behavior significantly under special circumstances, even take full control over our vessels.

Hunger is our strongest basic instinct. It can override all other instincts if our survival should suddenly depend on it, and turn us into wild animals in the most extreme circumstances. Without biological fuel, we simply die.

Sexual urge (and needs) is our second strongest instinct. When we are well fed, it is time to think about seduction and reproduction, and start spreading our genes.

This instinct can also awaken the animal within us, and make us males become very persistent, even forceful, when having a physically inferior and beautiful female within our arms while being turned on and extremely horny.

Security is our third strongest instinct, being dominated by hunger and sexual drive, thus the reason why so many people, and pedophiles especially, care less about their own security in the moment of being very horny.

Actually, this instinct can easily turn us into murderers, if we, or any of our beloved ones, are being seriously threatened.

In modern and developed societies, most people have enough food and security, so those two instincts rarely change our normal day to day behavior any significantly.

Well, all healthy and normal people do feel sexual urge, which is a part of our everyday lives. But most don't think about its origin and how it affects us; most don't think about all the trouble it can put us in if we lower our guards.

Urge control is therefore an overlooked and underestimated subject among most people; and for pedophiles it becomes especially important, to be able to stay both happy and safe.

Legal Pedophile's Handbook - Human Sexuality

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od Plyšáček
Human Evolution and Biology

The teaching of urge control begins with a quick look at our evolution and biology, as these two subjects represent the very root of sexual urges and needs.

What most people don't think about is that sex is the root of all life. It is all-important, because it is the reason to our very existence. Without sex, there would be no humans; and no life at all. Sex is everything.

Far back in time, even long before we became humans, life wasn't as easy and convenient as it is today; all primates had to really struggle to stay alive. With lots of deaths and a relatively short lifespan, which also meant that most primates where fertile for only a few years on average, our ancestors had to reproduce to survive, and they had to reproduce a lot.

Thanks to the evolution and natural selection, an enormous sexual drive is therefore one of several important properties for survival, which the modern human has inherited from its ancestors. An enormous sexual drive is a part of our genes, and men has the strongest sexual drive of them all.

In the modern human society however, this level of horniness isn't really needed for our survival. It is very easy to stay alive in the peaceful and developed world of today; where most people are able to calmly make plans to establish families with children, according to different wishes and life situations.

But, we are still just as horny as our ancestors where over a million years ago, causing various challenges and problems for a lot of males in our society; and pedophiles especially, who got a different and complicated sexual orientation, which is both difficult to handle and highly illegal to practice.

Human Sexuality

Now, as we know the basics about our human instincts and their origin, it is time to move over to the subject of human sexuality, which will teach you how your sexuality really works.

This is important to learn, because it will be an important part of actually controlling your own sexuality through urge control.

Sexual Needs

Our sexuality is actually all about sexual needs, and satisfying those needs on a regular basis.

All normal human beings need sex and orgasms to function properly, something that is an important part of our lives that we all are forced to live with and handle.

The way we have sex also affects our sex needs. The more hot and rewarding our sexual activities are, the more satisfied and happy we become. So, it's important to make sure that your sexuality becomes as much rewarding as possible, by experiencing as exiting orgasms as possible, or else you may end up sexually frustrated and never fully satisfied.

However, sexual needs vary a lot between humans. Like, the average male has a need for ejaculation 3-7 times a week. While, the average female has a need for masturbation or sex 1-2 times a week. And, some people go above this average, while others below.

Some people have an asexual disorder, meaning that they simply have very little to no sexual needs at all. It may sound strange, but they actually don't suffer from it. Of course, for teleiophiles who are in adult relationships, this can cause marital problems. But, it is eventually about not having any needs, so they do other stuff instead, and usually stay happy.

Others have a hyper-sexuality disorder, better known as nymphomania, meaning that their sexual activity goes far above the average needs. And this can go so far that some people cannot function properly in the society. Some can't concentrate on school nor work, while others turn into sex addicts and even serial rapists.

These sexual disorders can affect both males and females, and of course pedophiles.

Legal Pedophile's Handbook - Human Sexuality

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Male sexuality

The average human male is capable of reproducing at any given time, thanks to his continuous and high production of semen that never stops after puberty, which is that evolutionary advantage and heritage from his male ancestors.

Males aren't just capable of reproducing at any given time, but they also have a strong need to do that. This makes most men horny almost all the time, everyday.

It's important to learn that the basis for this continuous capability and horniness, originates from our semen. It is our very semen production and storage that control our libido, which is a fancy word for sexual drive and horniness.

If we take a closer look at our semen, it is a complex fluid that consists of many different elements, each element having an important function in the reproduction system.

To simplify things, semen consists of two main ingredients: sperm cells and nutrition fluids. Both get mixed together to become the substance that we call semen.

The sperm cells exist and swim inside this nutrition to stay alive for a long enough period to eventually enter a female egg, after a successful sexual intercourse.

All the ingredients that make up the semen are continuously produced inside our bodies in different organs around the genital area, the sperm cells being produced in the testicles.

What really controls the male sexual urge is thus the need to release semen, which is continuously under production and stored up inside ourselves. The semen needs to be fresh to be fertile, as the sperm cells have a limited lifespan, thus the body needs to regularly release semen so it always has a storage of fresh and fertile semen ready to ejaculate.

As the storage of semen increases, the testosterone level also increases. Testosterone is a hormone and yet another component of controlling our sexual urge, as it makes us horny and sexually aggressive. So, the more semen we males store up over time, as in suppressing our sexuality, the more horny, motivated and aggressive we become to perform sexual activities, ideally with a sexually attractive partner. This is to release mature semen, and make room for new semen that is still and continuously under production inside us.

This motivation can become so strong that it blurs our intelligence and logical thinking, making us easily do things that we otherwise would've thought twice about doing.

After having released our semen, the testosterone level decreases, and we finally calm down and become smarter and more careful again.

Well, the hotter the sexual activity, the more semen will be released during the ejaculation, thus the lower the testosterone level will become afterwards, and the more satisfied and least frustrated we will feel in the end.

So, a boring jerkoff in a cold shower will release less semen, thus keep the testosterone level still high, making us feel less satisfied and more frustrated in the end.

But, ejaculating into the mouth of a sweet woman for the first time, will release a huge amount of semen, almost like a pump action shotgun, which will lower the testosterone level to a minimum, and give us the greatest drug and feeling of satisfaction ever; while totally eliminating any sexual frustration you might have had in advance.

As you've already learned, mother nature rewards those who do the hottest sexual activities, and punish those who don't.

Male sexuality is generally very straightforward and uncomplicated, not to mention very predictable. So luckily for us, it really is quite easy to understand, and thus control. However, it will still require some self-discipline.

Female sexuality

Female sexuality is kind of a paradox in this regard: it is initially much more complicated and much less straightforward than male sexuality; but in regards to pedophilia, it is actually way more simpler and less critical.

Female sexual urges are primarily driven by their menstrual cycles, as the females will become more horny in general during their monthly periods when they are most receivable for fertilization. But, it is also driven by various secondary factors, which are mostly related to social relationships and other factors of such. Female urges are anyway far less active and aggressive, giving female pedophiles a lot more initial control over their sexual urges towards children.

Female sexuality is more located between their ears rather than between their legs. They have a way more sophisticated and controlled sexuality, making them far better able to handle their sexual urges than men do, which is why female sexuality and urge control don't need the same attention.

These are the very reasons why you see far less female pedophiles being caught and sent to prison.

Another paradox here is the society's view on female pedophiles: most people think that female pedophilia is next to non-existent, and that most females can be trusted with children while most men cannot. In reality however, there are just as many female pedophiles as there are male pedophiles; with no scientific evidence to suggest otherwise.

While, the female pedophiles are far more careful and furtive!

In a military context, male pedophiles are like the infantry that attacks in the open and can be heard from a mile away; females pedophiles are like the special forces, slitting one throat after another, silently from behind, all covered, all silent, and all stealthy and blended with the environment.

With their easy access to children, enormous overall trust, and a sophisticated and controlled sexuality, the female pedophiles are actually the most 'dangerous' of them all.

Legal Pedophile's Handbook - Urge Control

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od Plyšáček
Urge Control

Now we get to the actual urge control part, which will be a very important section for those who want to gain control over their sexuality as pedophiles.

However, urge control is mostly relevant for pedophile males, as the females do rarely share the male's continuously strong and aggressive sexuality. But females may still get something useful out of the following information, thus no female reader should skip this part.

Human sexual urges are luckily very easy to control, with just a few and simple ways to do so:

Sexual Abeyance
Sexual Hyperactivity
Chemical Castration

Sexual Abeyance

Within human psychology, sexual abeyance is a term that describes suppressed sexual needs, either partially or fully, which means less to no sex and ejaculations.

This can happen either non-intentionally or intentionally:

Non-intentionally, as in e.g. being occupied with hard work over a certain amount of time, or finding yourself in a situation or an environment that takes away your natural sex or masturbation cycle. Or, that you have above normal sexual needs that are not being completely fulfilled over time.

Intentionally, as in doing it for a certain purpose or plan.

Sexual abeyance will normally cause an increasing sexual urge with time, which will alter our emotions, behavior and decision making, with both negative and positive outcomes:

Negative Consequences

The main symptom of sexual abeyance is an above normal thinking (and visualization) of children within your preference. This usually leads to a lot of sexual fantasies, which eventually will be next to impossible to get out of your head. This can make it hard for you to concentrate on other things, like your work, and create a large general disturbance in your life.

When you see a child, whether being in real life or in a picture, you will feel an instant and enormous attraction towards it, like if an electric spark goes off inside of you.

An immediate frustration is usually followed by such attractions when being in a sexual abeyance state, because of not being able to act on them. And this is when many pedophiles turn to hard child pornography in pure frustration, and start thinking about ways to molest children.

Those who are less empathic by nature, may even start fantasizing about assault rapes and kidnappings.

Regular erections and leakages of lubricant fluids from the genitals is also common, especially related to seeing and/or fantasizing about children. And the genitals will be much more sensitive to physical touches.

Getting erections in non-suitable situations, like on the beach or when having children on your lap in public, is also a common effect.

A light aching pain in the genital area is also very common when several days has passed by since your last ejaculation, in the same time as becoming easily irritable and restless.

If you're interacting with children in your life, your behavior towards them will change significantly. You will become above normal motivated to be close to them, touch them, smell them, kiss them, care for them, and love them.

Most importantly, your decision making will also be altered in a way that makes you less careful and more sexually aggressive towards children. Thus if you're extremely horny, you may end up doing things with children that you normally wouldn't have done; which can lead to deep regrets later, even unrepairable damages for both yourself and the children in question.

Pedophile teen males are especially in the danger zone in this regard. Teenagers are capable of doing irrational things regardless, because of their lacking abilities to judge dangerous situations. If you then add wild hormones and super horniness, things can quickly lead to a disaster. Many have actually ended up badly molesting or even raping children during intimate situations and play, simply because they couldn't control themselves. And thus, ended up in very bad situations with their families and the law enforcement, many of which ending up in harsh prisons to serve hard time.

If you're aware of these symptoms, and you take action before they do, you can save yourself from lots of problems.

Positive Consequences

Total sexual abeyance over limited periods can increase your happiness, creativity and motivation. It has been suggested, especially by Freud, that sexual urge and drive is a kind of energy that can be channelized into different things in life. Sexual energy can be expressed through art and literature, and the love for children and life itself. The basis for this increased energy, is that mother nature wants you to get up and find yourself a mate and lover, because you have an above normal amount of semen stored up inside yourself. And you need to be happy, creative and motivated to do that.

When practicing a total sexual abeyance for a long enough time, you may eventually manage a so called non-touch ejaculation. This means the ability to actually ejaculate without touching your penis, simply by being very horny while watching children, whether being pictures, videos or a playground. However, it requires lots of practice and concentration to be achieved, and may become frightfully hot. And of course, this will also make it much easier to come into your pants while cuddling with children in general.

It will generally feel great having a much more sexual focus on children, and be able to much easier fantasize about them.

The more prolonged and unsatisfied your sexuality becomes during such abeyance, the more harder and intense your final orgasm becomes, adding additional excitement and satisfaction, while giving you something to look forward to.

Not to mention, you will be able to ejaculate several times during just a few hours after that first explosion.

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Sexual Hyperactivity

Sexual hyperactivity is yet another term within psychology, being the very opposite of sexual abeyance. In other words: practicing an above normal rate of sex and ejaculations.

This is an intentional practice that is done either because it simply feels good to masturbate as much as possible, or because there are special intentions or plans behind; all of which with both positive and negative consequences.

It is also used as therapy among convicted sexual offenders to reduce their testosterone levels and lust for children.

Positive Consequences

Your sexual interest for children will drop to a very safe and comfortable level, making it very safe and comfortable being around them. This is why it is a often used therapy among both conservative pedophiles and convicted sex offenders; simply because it works so well.

You will become very careful and rational when interacting with children, especially when being alone with them. The frustration of being a pedophile will also drop to a very low and comfortable level; most experience zero frustrations.

This practice is probably the most important one for teen males, especially those with younger siblings crawling all over them all the time. This can actually make the difference between imprisonment and freedom for those who are in less control of their own sexuality.

It will also help all males and females with hyper-sexuality disorders, making their lives way more comfortable.

It will generally free up much of space in your head for other things than sexual urges. These things can actually be related to children, as in non-sexual friendships and activities, like general play, burgers at McDonald's, cinema visits, baseball matches, and etc. Pedophilia isn't just about sex!

Negative Consequences

There aren't that many negative consequences to over-masturbation, but it still does affect you in some ways. For some pedophiles, it becomes a negative experience.

When masturbating more than your normal and average rate, each masturbation will become weak and less exciting, with less semen per ejaculation. And the biological rewards for each ejaculation becomes lesser.

Even though over-masturbation is totally harmless, except for muscle cramps maybe, it can still lead to less motivation and energy to life itself. Some patients have actually reported mental depressions as a result of over-masturbation.

Luckily, no braincells will be lost, nor will your penis shrink, as they told the children and youths in the old days.

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Chemical Castration

This term is misleading; it has nothing to do with castration in the traditional sense, but all to do with temporarily disabling your reproduction system with medicine.

This medicine is usually injected with a needle, in regular intervals, to keep your reproduction system shut down for as long as the medication and treatment lasts.

Shutting down your sexuality, means that you'll be reducing the production of semen and testosterone, and thus reducing your whole sexual drive and urges down to an almost halt.

And, with an inactive sexuality, your sexual urges, motivations and fantasies will become close to non-existent.

Positive Consequences

Chemical castration is extremely rare for average people and pedophiles to do, unless they're suffering from the worst sort of nymphomania out there. Only then will this medical procedure make sense, as it can differ between being close to invalid and actually functioning as a normal person in life; and/or differ between imprisonment and freedom.

This is usually an offer to sentenced pedophiles, as a part of a certain prison therapy program and/or an early release. Some pedophile convicts are actually forced to choose between chemical castration and a lifetime in prison. This can also be offered to general rapists. So, many sex offender inmates do take this offer to get as quickly out of prison as possible.

By having your sexuality shut down next to completely, you will become a pretty much asexual individual with very little to no desire for sexual activities. If your sexuality is a huge problem, while having next to none self-discipline, this may be the only way to either live a normal life or get out of prison.

This can also be used to treat certain non-sexual problems and illnesses.

Negative Consequences

Chemical castration is known to have some horrible side effects, some of which are permanent health problems after having stopped the medication and treatment.

This is why this medical procedure is controversial, and have split the law enforcement and medical community in two; some are for it, while others are against it.

There are many side effects, most of which are pretty horrible. However, these are the ones I've heard most of:

Rare: high blood pressure, strokes, liver damage and reduced muscle and bone density.

Common: fatigue, weight gain, vomiting, diarrhea, headache, muscle pain, sleep disorders, regular nightmares and depression.

Permanent: permanent impotence, and muscle, heart and bone diseases.

Basically, you will have to live with common side effects that are considered as horrible by most, and risk permanent weakening of your genitals, bones and internal organs.

Additional Info

An important note that you all should be aware off, is that chemical castration will switch off your sexual urge and drive, but it won't switch off your sexual orientation and general interest for children and being close to them.

Most pedophiles who have gone through such treatments have reported back that their interest for children didn't decrease any. Even though they didn't feel much of sexual urges anymore, they still felt an urge to be close to children, cuddle with them, kiss them, sleep beside them, and touch them. Some even felt an urge to feel and lick their genitals.

Thus, this treatment is, in my humble opinion, less effective. It can causes a lot of discomfort and harm for a genuine pedophile, who in the end will still fall in love with children and want to be close to them. It will cause more harm than solving problems, unless you're one of those few exceptions who feel that you don't have any other choices available.

It is recommended practicing a sexual hyperactivity that you can control all by yourself, with no harmful side effects.

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The Bottom Line

As you can see from this chapter, the human sexuality, especially male sexuality, is a very strong drive that creates very strong sexual urges among most of us.

But, by understanding your sexuality and sexual urges, and controlling them in the way you prefer, you can end up with a very safe, comfortable and satisfying life. It can also make your life exciting, and even a little bit dangerous.

The male sexuality is like a nuclear power plant: don't keep it too hot, or else it can melt down to a nuclear disaster. Neither keep it too cold, or else it will shut down. Try finding that sweet spot and middle way in your everyday life, and tweak it in either direction to tune your sexuality in regards to your current situation, environment and intentions.

In other words, don't masturbate too little, or else you will end up being very horny, which may alter your emotions and behavior in a negative way. Neither masturbate too much, or else you may miss out on exiting sexual releases and internal rewards; even risk motivation-loss and depression.

Those of you who are very concerned about your sexual urge and control, should masturbate more than average to keep your head cold and sexuality in control; especially when being (regularly) close to and intimate with children.

Young male pedophiles, especially teenagers, should take the latter advices seriously, as they sometimes can make the difference between freedom and jail.

Those of you who have very good control of your sexuality, especially adults with experience, may want to decrease your rate of masturbation to gain some of the advantages of sexual abeyance and great horniness.

Take control over your sexuality; take control over your life!